JCPS Community Resources Page

March 31, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As we are transitioning to return back to the classroom, Jones County Schools is working diligently to acknowledge and support student’s mental health needs and provide them with local resources. Mental Health is an essential component to your child’s success. Administrators and staff are here to support our students and families during these difficult and uncertain times. All of our students have shown such resilience during this time and we are so proud of them. 

Jones County School’s is aiming to provide community resources that are accessible to all students along with their families at any time. We understand that the transition back to in-person learning might bring some anxiety, confusion, and hysteria to some of our students and their families. We want to offer a safe space for students and families to access resources for their needs as we make this transition. Our counseling department has an abundant amount of resources available for students on campus, but we understand that life happens outside of the school walls. We want to offer these resources and services to our families through a one stop shop resource page. The Jones County Schools resource page, linked below,  will include all mental health, community, and outreach resources. This resource will mostly consist of local resources but some universal resources will be accessible too.  

Again, we are so proud of our JCPS Student body from elementary to high school. We have seen numerous examples of Jones County students, teachers, and families who have embraced the challenges before them. They have been flexible. They have been innovative. They have been resilient. Students, teachers, parents, and guardians have been through so many transitions this past school year, and we just want to say thank you for always stepping up and going the extra mile. 


The Jones County Schools Counseling Team

Link to JCPS Resource: JCPS Mental Health Resources