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Please join Comfort Elementary School for our Virtual Parent Night. 

We have links to classroom recordings so that you can see what we are doing this school year. 

Each section has a hashtag that you can then submit through the Google Form below to enter a drawing for a gift card.  The Google Form will be sent out through Thrillshare. 


We will hold the drawing at 1 o'clock on Friday. 

We thank you for your support and encouragement. 

Click the links below to view the classroom videos:

Principal - https://youtu.be/IREQgkZ-Bec

EC PreK - https://youtu.be/8t2xk_HludI

PreK - https://youtu.be/ErIq0blHn9M

K - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tBta5AKfL8 

1st - https://youtu.be/rJzsX10W4cQ

2nd - https://youtu.be/k49r45PWd6s

3rd - https://youtu.be/WOhtURsoCT4

4th - https://youtu.be/yg1YXZE0Ifw

5th - https://youtu.be/Df-DmGHJfqw